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  • "This Valentine's day, I'm showing my love to LGBT youth in schools by contributing to stop homophobic bullying. Please join me by donating here
  • I just donated to stop homophobic bullying.  Join me in giving a valentine's gift to stop homophobic bullying
  • LGBT students can have a tough time on Valentine's Day.. Join me in insuring their safety by stopping homophobic bullying by donating at

Sample Email Text

Valentine’s Day is coming. This year, I’m asking you to contribute some Valentine’s gift money to my friends at Western Justice Center / Encompass where they are working to stop homophobia in schools. LGBTQ students are almost twice as likely to endure bullying leading to isolation, depression, and suicide risk.

The donations will fund teacher trainings where educators will be shown via interactive theatrical presentations how to recognize and address homophobia in their classrooms. This program has reached over 2,500 teachers to date. Will you help reach 2,500 more?