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Support local peer mediation programs!

Every year, hundreds of local elementary, middle, and high school students and educators come to Western Justice Center and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to build their skills in conflict resolution as Peer Mediators. This free workshop is open to participants from Los Angeles County public, private and charter schools that have peer mediation programs and will take place February 26th and 27th this year.

Peer mediators are trained to help effectively manage conflicts among classmates in a peaceful and civil manner. These students prevent further conflicts and the need for disciplinary action, and clear the way for meaningful learning.

Each day of the invitational includes theater performances on mediation best practices, expert coaching by professional mediators, and networking for students and the educators who support them.

Peer Mediators are building positive school climates, and they deserve to be celebrated for their efforts. Join us this year to recognize these students and their contributions by sponsoring the Peer Mediation Invitational. Your gift will provide students with the quality event they deserve and expert training to strengthen their skills.

Sponsorship opportunities:

Student Performers Sponsor - $1,000

Support student actors from our service-learning class at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts to provide interactive roleplay practice for the peer mediators. 

School Sponsors - $500

Bring a school team of four students and one adviser to the Invitational and help them make a bigger impact on their campus. 

Nutrition Sponsors - $250

Fuel participants learning through providing breakfast and beverages for the day. 

Peer Mediator Sponsors - $100

Cover the cost to provide one student a unique opportunity to enrich their peer mediation skills.

supporter - $5-99

Support the work these students do on their campuses with a contribution level of your choice.