Teachers Stand Up for Students

Teachers are vital to making students feel safe and welcome on their campuses. They set the tone and have the authority to stand up to bullying and protect those most at risk. This Teacher's Appreciation Day, let's thank the teachers who step up and stand up for students

Watch Dr. Terrence Roberts, Ph.D., one of the Little Rock Nine and a WJC board member, share his story of how an educator helped him feel safe.

Isaac shares how a teacher helped him feel safe as a gay student in 7th grade.

How to show your support:

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  • Watch the hashtag #standupteach throughout the day on May 9th, 2017, Teacher's Appreciation Day.

About Creating Bias-Free Classrooms

Teachers play a crucial role in preventing and stopping harassment, yet they do not get adequate training on how to intervene.Creating Bias-Free Classrooms is an ENCOMPASS program that trains new teachers using live, improvisational theater to equip educators to build safe and inclusive learning environments. The program utilizes professional teenage and adult actors to bring to life classroom conflicts, offering teachers hands-on practice addressing bias-related bullying and harassment of students. We have trainings addressing three forms of bias - race, gender, and sexual orientation.

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Tell us how a teacher helped you feel accepted and safe. We may use your story on Teacher Appreciation Day as we spread the thank yous.

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