Corporate Partnership Ideas

Convey your company's values by aligning them with the mission of this campaign

  • Dedicate Corporate Social Media Messages to our Campaign on #GivingTuesday
  • Match Donations
  • Give Global Giving gift cards to employees and promote our campaign
  • Get Creative! Tailor a campaign to fit the message of your company to the mission of this campaign
  • Send email to employees and mailing list describing #GivingTuesday, describing this campaign, and why your company is supporting it on #GivingTuesday

Contact Teresa at to set up a partnership

How to Create Your Own Fundraising Page

Create your own page to drive donations from your network

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account or login if you already have a Global Giving Account.
  3. Give your fundraiser a personalized name and then click on "General Fundraiser"
  4. You will be directed to your personal fundraising page where you can upload a photo of yourself or use our photo.
  5. You can click on "edit your fundraiser" at the top of the page to set your fundraising goal.

Sample Email

Personalize this sample email to send to friends and families on #Givingtuesday

Tuesday, November 29th is Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving. This year, I'm dedicating my Giving Tuesday to stop homophobic bullying in schools. LGBTQ students are almost twice as likely to endure bullying. More than 40% of sexual minority students have seriously considered suicide and 29% reported attempting suicide in the past year. This is especially significant given the post-election climate, when minorities across the country are living in fear of emboldened bullies.

Teachers are in an ideal position to change these statistics, but they rarely step up at the moments that matter most. According to GLSEN, 50% of teachers report having never taken any steps to support LGBTQ student safety.

For over a decade, ENCOMPASS/Western Justice Center has offered cutting-edge training programs that empower California educators to make a difference in the lives of LGBTQ youth. The Creating-Bias Free Classrooms program uses live, improvisational theater to equip educators to build inclusive learning environments for students targeted by homophobia. This is one of the programs that makes me proud to be a board member at Western Justice Center.

ENCOMPASS/Western Justice Center has reached over 2,500 California teachers, to date. Will you help us reach 2,500 more?

Donate at and then share with your friends and family about your contribution.

Sample Social Media Posts

Personalize these social media posts and post every 2-3 hours on #GivingTuesday


Use your own voice. Personal sentiment is more powerful than canned statements. Make these posts your own.

These posts are short enough for twitter but you can expand for Facebook or other sites.

Share posts from our Facebook and Twitter feeds throughout the day.
  • (Post before Giving Tuesday)
    I'm dedicating my #GivingTuesday to Stop Homophobia. Join me November 29th! #biasfreeclassrooms
  • (Post Monday night at 9 pm)
    It's #GivingTuesday on the East Coast and contributions are being matched! Join me to Stop Homophobic Bullying now!
  • (Print out this sign, take a photo with it, and post it with the below text)
    donating my #unselfie for #givingtuesday #biasfreeclassrooms
  • (record a short video of yourself saying the following: I'm dedicating my Giving Tuesday to support stopping homophobic bullying in schools. Bias Free Classrooms uses live theater and interactive improvisation to train teacher to recognize and stop homophobic bullying. Now, more than ever, LGBT students need to feel safe in their schools and protected from emboldened bullying behavior. Join me in donating to Bias Free Classrooms to provide this vital training to more teachers.)
    Why I'm supporting this #GivingTuesday #biasfreeclassrooms
  • I'm donating $25 to #biasfreeclassrooms for every #unselfie post in the next two hours with this sign #givingtuesday
  • I'm matching every donation to for the next hour! Double your impact! #givingtuesday #biasfreeclassrooms
  • Give teachers the tools to recognize and stop homophobic bullying. #biasfreeclassrooms #givingtuesday
  • Now, more than ever, LGBT students need to feel safe in schools. #biasfreeclassrooms #givingtuesday
  • Over 40% of sexual minority students have seriously considered suicide. Stop homophobic bullying this #givingtuesday