WJC Hosts Delegations from International Visitors Council of Los Angeles


Several international delegations - courtesy of the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles - have dropped by WJC recently. On April 1, WJC provided a half day training on conflict resolution education to five men from Georgia, a group that included Muslims and Christians. All involved enjoyed robust conversation around the activities, even with the training happening through interpretation.

On May 12, WJC met with four people from Armenia focused on arts and culture to talk about our programming with youth. They particularly appreciated the work we are doing with LACHSA students to create engaging conflict resolution training videos for our SchoolTools.info resource website.

A delegation of five from the Philippines, representing government, media and higher education, came on June 2 to discuss our programs, as well, and most recently on June 6 we hosted five Haitians interested in youth training.  This last group had a chance to sit in on part of a peer mediation day WJC hosted for peer mediators from Ramona Elementary School.