The Institute for Safe and Inclusive Schools


The Institute for Safe and Inclusive Schools is the product of a collaboration between Western Justice Center and ENCOMPASS in response to the needs of K-12 schools seeking to make their campuses safer and more welcoming for their students and communitites.



The ABCs of Conflict is an educator training workshop that equips participants to train students how to positively resolve the conflicts they face and guide their peers in finding satisfying solutions to their disputes.

Compassion Plays is youth-focused live theater combined with discussion on issues of identity and how to connect across difference. Audience members begin to make connections between the play and issues or divisions in their own schools and communities. And most important, they begin to discuss how – through the participation of individuals in the community – these issues and divisions might be addressed or even changed.

Creating Bias-Free Classrooms is a teacher training program using improvisational theater to equip educators to build safe and inclusive learning environments for students targeted by homophobia or because of their gender or race.

Western Justice Center Peer Mediation Invitational is an annual event for Los Angeles County elementary through high school peer mediators to receive coaching from professional and community mediators and celebrate their efforts to improve safety on their campuses.

Safe School Ambassadors®, a program of Community Matters, is a research-based, field-tested bullying and violence prevention program that engages and equips student leaders to be change agents and peacemakers.  The entire school benefits from the resulting safer school climate, including targeted students and their peers as well as teachers and administrators.  This program is an offering of the Institute through a collaboration with Community Matters.


Haven is the first online community exclusively for high-school peer mediators and other students trained in conflict resolution, violence and bullying prevention, and other skills for increasing safety and inclusion on school campuses. Haven will provide students with unlimited access to multimedia content, including expert training and best practices, support for their work in improving school climate, and opportunities to network and learn from one another.

Online Resource Library is a virtual library of resources that includes easily searchable, in-depth information on programs, curricula, and best practices related to building safe, inclusive and welcoming K-12 schools.

Conference Facilities are available free-of-charge to groups working on building safe and inclusive schools, and educators and youth working on these issues can also attend Special Events presented by experts in the field. 

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