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Workplace conflict affects productivity, morale and the bottom line of all organizations, companies and agencies, regardless of the nature of each business.  The costs can include stress, loss of productivity and opportunities, and immeasurable damage to reputation.  With dwindling resources available in today's economy, organizations are realizing now more than ever the importance of maximizing efficiency by solving problems and creating workplace cultures that motivate employees to be productive and collaborative.

The Western Justice Center (WJC) "Work it Out at Work" training provides practical tools to transform common work-related conflicts into constructive, win-win solutions.  

This training offers skills‐based learning in the following areas:

  • The types and origins of common workplace conflicts
  • Positions, interests, and needs in the workplace
  • Conflict resolution processes for professionals
  • Communication and negotiation tips and techniques
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Development of conflict resolution systems for the workplace

WJC provides a full, two-day training program; customized on-site trainings; and webinars on specific concepts. 

Feedback from past participants includes:

"There were so many experts available to answer questions and give real-world examples, and the resources provides (workbook) were really great.  The roleplays were very helpful."

"The agenday activities were very well planned and kept the group engaged throughout.  The staff ... made the workshop very fun."

"This training was very well organized from beginning to end.  There was a lot of information that was extremely helpful that the trainers managed to compress in these two days."

"Overall, the training was interesting.  The examples [gave] me an idea on how to resolve conflict.  The speakers were awesome!"

"It was a really great webinar and I'm looking forward to implementing it into our own organization."

Furthermore, 96% of participants in a full-length training stated that they agree or strongly agree that the skills and exercises presented are useful tools for their work. 

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