Western Justice Center (WJC) designs trainings and programs based on best practices for schools, community groups, law enforcement agencies, workplaces, and courts.  These interventions build the capacity of the organizations to sustain conflict resolution systems and institutionalize a framework for conflict prevention, management, resolution and transformation.  WJC evaluates the impact of the conflict resolution intervention in each institution.  The needs of diverse populations are met through three primary methods:

Conflict Resolution Education and Training 

WJC designs customized curricula on conflict resolution concepts and skills for students, educators, parents, community leaders, police officers, and other professionals.  The curricula are presented through interactive and experiential trainings where participants practice negotiation, mediation and dialogue facilitation.  Materials are also disseminated through articles, events and conferences.

Community Dialogue

WJC creates a neutral space for people of varying perspectives to build understanding, trust and collaboration through facilitated conversations.  These dialogues allow stakeholders to address macro-level issues and conflicts affecting their communities and schools.  Previous dialogues have focused on police-community relations, violence prevention, and interfaith relations. 


WJC develops mediation programs for schools and law enforcement agencies to assist in the management and resolution of interpersonal conflicts. Students are trained as mediators to help resolve conflict among their peers by applying problem-solving strategies for finding solutions. 

WJC provides conflict resolution programs for youth and the broader community.

Programs for Youth

Programs for Community

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